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City facility open democratic management work inspection team to visit our group survey


On December 10, 2010, the municipal supervision LiShiLai, deputy director of the discipline regulations such as a week of ministy leaders facility open democratic management work inspection team to group, research inspection facility open democratic management work and held a further discussion. The district party committee and the standing committee of FanLianJun propaganda minister, chairman of the federation of trade unions, group WangJunGuo area trade union chairman DuanJingFen accompanied.
In the discussion, the trade union chairman DuanJingFen detailed the public facility group report democratic management work carrying case. LiShiLai vice director asked staff salary and welfare and other matters, to do a detailed answer for President. Lee chief for my group democratic management work in and point out that said positive: the fate of the enterprise and worker so closely related, only to establish and perfect modern enterprise management system
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