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Weifang major energy-saving achievements, awards advanced personal energy group settled


Recently, based on "Shandong Province Energy Conservation Ordinance", Weifang Municipal People's Government Office "on the issuance of Weifang City, saving incentives," and other documents the spirit, energy conservation, Weifang City, the leading group organize relevant departments and units of energy-saving advances for 2010 and businesses to recommend, review. Weifang energy saving by the leading group decided that the coastal building materials group's "main construction waste materials to produce new building materials" was named "major energy-saving results of Weifang City" title, Weifang City, a total of four companies honored. Meanwhile, the chairman Lian-Xi was awarded the "advanced personal energy-saving awards" honor.
In recent years, Group has always adhere to the scientific concept of development, firmly implement the national, provincial and municipal decision-making all the arrangements will be saving energy as a transfer mode, adjust the structure, and promote healthy economic and social development of important initiatives, construction waste will become waste into treasure, these successful scientific development cycle development.
Next, our group will make persistent efforts, work in a further construction waste recycling and waste plastic recycling project tubes bigger and stronger, to the full realization of "second five" objectives and tasks to make new and greater contributions.

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