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Energy conservation program came the New Deal to the power of green building



19, the State Council announced the "" five "comprehensive energy conservation program of work" (hereinafter referred to as "program"), specifically industrial, transportation, construction, and four areas of life, "second five" energy conservation The overall plan, and asked the next stage of the regions and departments to step up implementation of the "program" specific requirements. Which calls for building energy-efficient transformation of the existing building to be reasonable, to develop green buildings, smart buildings, to maximize energy, land, water, and wood. To develop green building is clearly written "program".

    In fact, as early as March 28 this year, housing and urban vice minister in the Seventh International Green Building and Energy Conservation Conference and Expo on new technologies and products, says that green building is the future direction of development, and that will be By "Yijiangdaibu" economic incentives to special subsidies, halve the property tax levy, land auction and pre-conditions, appropriately increasing the volume rate, housing loan interest rate concessions to working to promote green building development.

    In order to increase the "five-second" energy conservation efforts, the Ministry of Finance, National Development and Reform Commission recently issued "on the conduct of fiscal policy energy saving integrated demonstration of the notice" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), decided to carry out energy-saving in some cities comprehensive model reduction of fiscal policy. Demonstration includes six aspects in the construction area is around the building to promote green building energy, actively develop green buildings, both residential buildings and promote energy saving in public buildings started.

    "Notice" clearly states, the central government in addition to existing support energy conservation and renewable energy development policies give priority to the model city tilt, it will also invest in the project, local investment and energy saving effect is given to factors such as model city comprehensive reward.

    In another development, the Ministry is also organizing the development of "building materials industry," second Five Year Plan "." The program has been demonstrated by experts, "second five" building materials industry to focus on supporting and developing new materials, new industries and deep-processing products, high-end specialty building materials, making it the main source of future growth.

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