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♦ Five-star party member, weifang advanced basic-level party organization settled down one after another group 2011-7-1
♦ Red tourism kindergarden group the 90th anniversary of the foundation of tribute 2011-7-1
♦ The three represents important thoughts 2011-3-10
♦ The marxism-leninism, the MAO zedong thought and deng xiaoping theory 2011-2-15
♦ Group held a party emblem worn extend to the ceremony party 2010-7-9
♦ Weifang three houses group scientific development democratic life party committee report 2009-5-21
♦ Weifang three Construction Group Party held a mobilization meeting in-depth study and practice the scientific concept of development 2009-3-15
♦ Members striving to fully implement the five-star event 2008-9-28
♦ Thoroughly study the spirit of party congress 2008-3-15
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