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Members striving to fully implement the five-star event


Since the "party star ratings' activities since the group active party members of each branch by creating plans to implement to create commitment to making the five-star party striving to be fully operational and implementation activities.
The members conscientiously study and implement the Party's line, a high degree of firm belief in their ideals, and strive to maintain a high degree of consensus with the organizations at all levels; earnestly implement the party's resolution, love the party, party organizations to actively complete the tasks assigned, work , and continue to improve their professional skills, serious and responsible, mindful of the courage to take difficult and perilous task; law-abiding life, observe social ethics, to political party members to five-star quality, job performance is good, service public good, to fulfill their obligations is good, a good style of thinking "five-good" approach.
At present, there have been at work within the group catch, business help each other, living the good atmosphere of mutual caring. Activities through the five-star party striving greatly aroused the enthusiasm of the company members dedication, enthusiasm and striving for star party.
Party members have said, should "five star" party striving activities as an opportunity to work hard to create "tens of billions to build three, three hundred years to build, to build three people" make a greater contribution.



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