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Weifang three Construction Group Party held a mobilization meeting in-depth study and practice the scientific concept of development


According to the central, provincial, municipal, District unified arrangements for in-depth study and practice the scientific concept of development activities, March 14, 2009 morning, Weifang City, three built-depth study and practice of group party activities to mobilize the scientific concept of development on the third floor conference room held. Group leadership team members, all party members more than middle-level cadres, party activists attended the mobilization meeting. Meeting chaired by the Group Panlong Jun Commission for Discipline Inspection.
Group party members, trade union chairman DUAN Jing-fen party on behalf of the group to thoroughly study and practice the scientific concept of development activities to do mobilization, group party secretary and chairman Lian-Xi on how to do a good job of implementing the scientific concept of development is good practice to do major deployment.
Secretary Wang pointed out that the study and practice the scientific concept of development activities is the work of this region's overall agenda and the importance of party building, group of units of the party members and cadres should fully understand the significance of study and practice, to ensure the height of the central ideas and provincial, municipal, District of deployment up to a high degree of political responsibility, actively involved in the study and practice and work practice.
He asked, all units and departments should focus on "implementing the scientific concept of development, recycling economy road" theme, closely linked to "construction waste comprehensive utilization of resources, efforts to promote the development of circular economy," the practice of the carrier, through propaganda , self-correction, comprehensive, summary appraisal, "look back" and then check to further the work of innovative building waste utilization systems, mechanisms to improve the overall handling of construction waste strength and performance of the region, the city and the province of construction waste comprehensive utilization of industrial development and make greater contribution.
Secretary Wang finally stressed that the various units, departments should seriously study and deeply understand the significance of the scientific development concept and requirements, combined with their actual work, fully grasping the implement. Activities to carry out the process, correctly handle the current study and practice and do their work, balanced, focusing on integration, to promote the practice to carry out solid work to ensure that correct, two for the successful completion of various tasks this year.



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