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Weifang three houses group scientific development democratic life party committee report


District in-depth study and practice the scientific concept of development leading group:
According to the central, provincial, city, deploy unified District, Weifang City, three Construction Group party on May 19, 2009 was held on the afternoon of the scientific development concept to learn to do analysis of inspection phase feature of democratic life.
Democratic life by the group party secretary and chairman Lian-Xi presided over party members Panlong Jun, DUAN Jing-Fen, Li Fuyong comrades. Xuyou Xia, Fang Yi Sun, Ji Shu-hong and other comrades to attend the meeting.
Hanting District Organization Vice Minister of South Korea Hong Xing attended the democratic life, guiding the whole process of the meeting and delivered an important speech on the theme of the democratic life of our group spoke highly of the meeting, and the next step to learn the scientific development concept activities have made valuable suggestions.
First, the basic conditions of democratic life
Group party was held democratic life, is to implement the scientific concept of development stages of learning activities, an important step in analysis of inspection, both the study and practice of the results of the previous stage testing, but also lay the foundation for the next step focused on an important part of the rectification. Weifang three Construction Group attached great importance to democratic life party will be held before the first will be widely solicited opinions from all sides and recommendations, and talk to ingratiate themselves with activities carried out in depth, consult each other, communicate ideas, exchange views. Party leadership to team members to seriously study and practice writing a thematic analysis report, combined with practical in-depth analysis of learning and work issues.
At the meeting, participating comrades in a serious, serious and realistic attitude, combined with the scientific concept of development and learning and their own business development practical and ideological work, focusing on learning theory, ideas, sense of purpose, and work style of work of which brought to light the existence of contradictions , have such problems and cause of the problem, and do an in-depth analysis described, carried out serious, sincere and frank self-criticism and mutual criticism.
Everyone to help each other and improve together and unite the principles as a starting point and end point to the group and to each party comrades highly responsible attitude, serious and sincere that the other's shortcomings and deficiencies, talking about a real office, said the deep, point to the pain.
Second, the main problems and root cause analysis
Through this life would be, it was agreed that the Group companies for the workers party is a lot of real work to do, play an extremely important role. But there are still problems and deficiencies, specifically the following points:
First, learning is not enough depth. The scientific concept of development of learning is also common understanding is not deep, not through the study of problems in routine work practice to focus only on improvement of professional skills, the prevalence of "work first, learning a second" wrong thinking, as well as not properly handled the relationship between learning and work, resulting in the situation can not keep up their level of development of the theory, lead to new knowledge, not to learn from a deeper level, to study, to sentiment, to use.
Second, the work of co-ordination arrangements in place. Not fully understand the individual comrades to the spiritual essence of the scientific development concept, a few comrades in ideology, there are still not suited to, does not meet the requirements of scientific development, the problem can not be scientific concept of development to unify thoughts and hearts and guide action to improve work, to stimulate a good combination of energy, resulting in work, study carried out can not take into account the overall arrangements in place.
Third, the level of leadership and methods to be further improved. Leadership team members and various departments and sections of the communication is not enough and, as a good grasp of the majority of cadres and workers of the ideological dynamics, work and life, resulting in the coordination and cooperation has not yet reach the best results.
Fourth, innovation and scientific decision-making needs to be further improved. Development of two series of real estate, new construction waste on the production of new building materials production lines coupled with global financial crisis, although the specific work group into a powerful conflict, but the group as a whole still did not rebound quickly, the industry is lagging behind.
Fifth, the sense of service to be further strengthened, and ideas do not change in time, lack of initiative, lack of awareness of services, poor safety awareness, sense of responsibility to be further strengthened.
Third, the corrective measures
Through the democratic life, Weifang City, three members of party committees Construction Group has further strengthened their ideals and faith, to enhance the theoretical study, party spirit consciousness; identify the ideology, work and style of the outstanding problems and solutions ; criticism and self-criticism has been further carry forward the fine tradition, members of the team further defined the future direction.
First, strengthen theoretical study and improve overall literacy. In-depth study and practice the scientific concept of development activities focused on the vital machine, really make the deeply rooted concept of scientific development, so that each comrades both in the theoretical study into the state, and do long-term, truly implement the scientific concept of development of learning comprehensively improve their overall literacy.
Second, the integrated, to improve the ability to work. In practice, closely integrated with the emerging new situations and new problems, identify the center of the entry point, efforts to reform and innovation in improving the content and extension of the efficiency and cost-effective efforts. In the reinforcement Group operates the weak link on the active crucial in improving the quality of management and quality to promote the development level of innovation and reform, and properly solve the "engineering" contradictions, in the dry secondary school in the dry, effectively the scientific concept of development theory of real coordination with the Group and orderly development of the industry combined.
Third, a smooth public channels to enhance communication. To grass-roots level, strengthening investigation and research to effectively solve their practical difficulties and the grass-roots issues. Persist from the masses, to the masses, based on the new demands of workers, a good understanding of workers concerned about the hot and difficult problems. The formation of institutions and norms, the scientific concept of development to maintain the results of study and practice continues, the formation of regularly listen to their opinions and suggestions and improve our working methods of long-term mechanism.
Fourth, continue to maintain the Party's fine style of work groups to enhance awareness of basic services. Play the role of each and every comrade to keep working in unity, enthusiasm and energetic features, better unity and cooperation have become the fighting team, working in the courage to tackle tough cases, the difficulties in the work to make new results. Further enhance service awareness, respect for workers' fundamental interests. Be proactive, patient and civilized for the basic services, so that strangers, acquaintances, like polite, cadres and the masses, like respect, busy, leisure, like patience.
Democratic life will end, Han Hong, Vice Minister of Star Group will give a high evaluation of democratic life, that life would be in line with the procedural requirements of democracy, open very timely and very successful preparations for the solid leadership team members are well-prepared speech material, self-analysis and frank injustice, very deep, looking for potential problems, because to talk about thoroughly, put a positive measure, seen from the three built a strong leadership group cohesion and solidarity.
Han Hong, vice minister also star next to my study and practice group made specific requests and suggestions.



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