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Red tourism kindergarden group the 90th anniversary of the foundation of tribute


  Ninety years, happiness under one hundred million. Today is the Chinese communist party's 90th birthday. For celebrating the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the party, further implement care mechanism, to health screening, party group red tourism form such as the 90th anniversary of the foundation of tribute.
June 25, 26, group party committee organizes all party member free kindergarden. At the same time, will on July 2 organization all party member to visit the memorial hall, MengLiangGu designed to inspire patriotic feelings of party members, the party members to admire the view of tour at the same time, have the past eventful days, accept the revolutionary tradition education, increase knowledge, learning revolutionary struggle revolutionary struggle spirit.
In recent years, the group active explore and establish and perfect the party concerned and loving the senior party member, life difficult party member's series long-effect mechanism, for party members to do ?
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