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  Weifang Guangyi Real Estate Marketing Planning Co., Ltd. is active in the forefront of the real estate industry, in construction and development consultancy, marketing planning and sales agency services, commercial property in areas such as the development of integrated services to provide professional services leader in faith, business cover Weifang, Liaocheng City and surrounding counties such, has a wealth of practical experience, the formation of a prominent real estate industry collaboration and networking resources, the Department of Weifang City, three Construction Group's subsidiaries.

A full-service • Customized
  Guangyi real estate developers from the point of view, vision and many years of service to the whole customer experience in the real estate, real estate projects to provide customers with "one stop" full integrated services. Guangyi property accumulated in the course of development of comprehensive service delivery model and operation specifications, the customer first service philosophy and spirit of service for the first won recognition.

Second, the professional point of view • five modules
  ● Building and Development Consultant
  ● construction planning and design and environmental studies
  ● marketing planning and sales agency services
  ● comprehensive service commercial property
  ● full cooperation and development assistance
  Department of widely billion more than real estate services customized modules, and "custom" service module is the largest real estate services widely billion advantage for the project expected to accelerate operational efficiency, the successful completion of sales targets, improve project quality and rapid influence, establish a good brand image development, service content to run in all stages of project design, and development of the project's actual resources, to provide objective, comprehensive, professional services, including technology platforms and advisory services platform. Including land use studies, feasibility analysis, market and related environmental analysis, product recommendations, planning and design, landscape planning and design, the overall sales strategy and sales team building and property management consultancy services to help promote the smooth operation of the project developer, to establish good brand image.

Third, first-class team of high-quality service •
  Guangyi real estate team of talents, all of its directors and senior management have served in the major developers, government departments, research institutions and other real estate advisers who, under their professional scope and has accumulated abundant practical experience in the market fit . Joined with a steady stream of talent to ensure that developers provide for the continued high quality service.
  Guangyi property will be adhering to the "base nature, broad, expanding" the purpose of the first real estate services, has a professional and service-oriented philosophy. Guangyi operate fully reflected in the real estate professional grasp of the market and product research, adhere to the "primary" is a comprehensive project to achieve a number of important factors for success.
Canton billion real estate projects are in various professional team has the full support of the company to ensure quality of service. Guangyi real estate in order to achieve "win-win" as the goal to help developers create a "minimum risk, the optimal project, the largest value, well-known brand" for the mission, and you hand in hand, a total new brilliance.


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