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Weifang three Construction Group Haoyuan labor Co., Ltd., established in 2006, is a qualified construction services company. Companies registered capital of 30 million, able to complete the large and medium industrial buildings, civil indoor and outdoor decoration, decorative works. On the inside and outside the labor export has superb technical strength and rich labor resources, is a strong construction and installation team. Business scope: steel sub-level service jobs, labor subcontracting two masonry work, scaffolding and plastering work services sub-two operations, concrete work, water heating installation labor subcontracting and so on.

In the course of business strictly enforce the "Construction Law", "Tender Law," "Building Regulations", "Contract Law," the company insisted: "quality first, reputation first" for the purpose. Heavy contract, keep promise, efficient and effective completion of the construction tasks. In the long-term development, the company under its own power, in the construction project to provide wood, steel and a series of small machinery and supplies. To scientific management, quality service, first-class quality project, to create first-class corporate image.

The company aims to make each project, brand, tree monument; conscientiously implement the "scientific management, well construction, the highest quality projects, so that Party A satisfied" the quality policy, to promote "truth, trustworthy, open, and development" spirit, greatly improve the level of corporate governance and social prestige in recent years, there is no occurrence of major accidents.

Construction area of ​​more than 40 million square meters, of which, Weifang in Shandong Province Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment of the highest quality award - Titan Cup Award, comprehensive building Hanting People's Hospital, Weifang City Land Resources Bureau and other works by living Hanting Weifang quality Prize structure, Tianrun Phoenix, Qinghe Garden 10 # F, provincial and municipal engineering quality and integrity of customer satisfaction, the majority of users and the authorities at home.

I sincerely hope that friends and the community to carry out extensive cooperation. We will send a crack team of construction, building age boutique.


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