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Weifang three Construction Group was founded in 1965, housing construction general contracting with a qualified real estate development the two qualifications, with provincial-level R & D center. Group under the jurisdiction of a wholly owned production and marketing of new building materials, construction materials testing, international project contracting, international and domestic tourism are an important group of industrial chain. Currently, the three groups to build housing construction, real estate development, based on new building materials production and sales, construction materials testing for the wings, international project contracting, international and domestic travel agents to promote new economic development pattern is improving.

In recent years, the three groups in order to build the guidance of scientific concept of development, in accordance with the "main business diversification, business diversification, the development of multi-angle," the idea of ​​consolidating multi-property rights reform, transform operational mechanism to implement the "bigger the main industry, and strengthen professional , QUICKER secondary industry ", and gradually form a special qualification as a carrier, from a single property to multi-property rights, a single corporate legal entity change to multiple new business operations system. At the same time, private enterprises to further explore the long-term, sustainable market-oriented model, based on the local market, explore towns the market, to cultivate overseas markets, a set of investment, construction and management as one of the Construction Enterprise Group.

Low-carbon era, the development cycle. March 2009, two construction waste utilization group were successfully put into production lines, construction waste to achieve turning waste into wealth, development of "comprehensive construction waste processing equipment" and "construction waste crushing devices" to obtain national patent, to fill the gaps in the country. Group in May 2011 using recycled plastic pipe production line used to operate successfully, to achieve recycling of waste plastics used to broaden the energy-saving environmental protection industry chain. Group party secretary and chairman Lian-river, with all staff adhering to the "tens of billions to build three, three hundred years to build, three people build" development goals, dedication and close cooperation with all circles at home and abroad, past and future, the development cycle for the earth and then spectrum Hua Zhang Chinese !


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